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Page history last edited by Samuel Frances 9 years, 7 months ago

Name of Technology Peer Coach: Samuel D. Francés-Vázquez

School: Gililland Middle School

Teacher being coached: Sonya Gronning, Jainie Miranda and Amanda Cain

Grade/Subject: 7th & 8th/Science



Learning Activity

(correlate to Curriculum Map)

Technology Integration
What Worked
What Needs to Change
Impact on Student Learning
Notes for Next Time
Usage of Clicker on daily lesson assessment.
Senteo Clicker and Notebook
Mentee understood how useful and easy could be to use the programs in the assessment of students on the daily bases.
The feedback receive by the teacher on the daily lessons would allow for modification/differentiation of different learners. Teachers can use this information to determine small group intervention candidates, etc.
Reflection on technology integration so far and going to the next step. 
Review some of the information discussed on the previous semester.
All of the previously discussed.
We have a good conversation about what worked find and what we need to reinforce.
The more familiarize the teachers get with the technology, equipment and opportunities for it implementation the more likely they would use it and the students would benefit from it. 
Discuss uses for the Smart Board. 
Smart Board Interactivity
Smart Boards - Notebook
We all have a Smart Board in our classroom so we are familiarized with the hardware and new the basic of it usage.
We should have developed an interactive lesson for one of the standards covered by the mentees.
First hand experience demonstrate the student engagement increase when you develop interactive lesson that includes the usage of the Smart Board. Increasing engagement increase students possibility of comprehending the material. 
Reflect on possible interactive activities for students. 
Smart Board Interactivity
Smart Boards - Notebook
We accomplish the introductory portion of an interactive lesson.
We needs to focus a little bit more. 
Increasing students engagement increase the learning of the content.
Share the completed interactive lesson and clarify/modify it. 
Smart Board Interactivity
Smart Boards - Notebook
We revised the interactive lesson.
Increasing students engagement increase the learning of the content.
Observe the implementation of  the lesson.
Smart Board Interactivity
Smart Boards - Notebook
The lesson was ready and its implementation went smoothly.
  Student were highly engage



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