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cinman_baglini_log You will each keep a log of the technology integration coaching you do this year. Use this page as a template to create your own log. Please name it using this naming convention: Your First Name_SchoolName_log. When you have created your log page emaiI me and I will set the security on your log page so only you and I can view it. Please record all technology peer coaching on your log.



Name of Technology Peer Coach:


Teacher being coached:




Learning Activity

(correlate to Curriculum Map)

Technology Integration
What Worked
What Needs to Change
Impact on Student Learning
Notes for Next Time
Create a story
Learning about Pixie and how it can be used to create a final product.  Teaching how to teach it to the students.
The amount of time it takes to have a creative project.
Engaged in their writing.  Fun final product. Writing process.
Talk about how the Pixie project is going and answer any questions.
Publish a story
The students loved learning how to use Pixie.  Showing them how to create different scenes for their writing was exciting.
More time spent on how to save their work and put it into a podcast.  We had to talk about how to put it on a flash.
Podcast presentation
Basic word processing and how it can be used

Writing sentences for spelling and vocabulary words




Showing how to take a simple task of writing a sentence and how to give it more meaning through technology.  Highlighting words, creating a picture, creating icons etc...
Not everyone was able to finish the same tasks at the same time.  The learning curve was great.
Writing complete sentences, word processing
Using the internet for a research project.
Using Harcourt site to include technology with our math.
Harcourt website
We learned how to use the Harcourt website to enhance our math teaching.
Information is coming later in the year than needed.  Wished to have the info. sooner.
This site has practice questions before students independently work.
Make sure all incoming teachers know about this website at the beginning of the year.
How to use technology with our science unit on weather.



We went on to this website to have the students build reports about weather.
We could find more options for next year so we have a greater variety.
The site gave great info. about various types of weather at a level that was understood by second graders.
Any resources to help with test prep.
Information about test prep. materials


& Powerpoint

We found a powerpoint that went over great tips on standardized testing.  We looked through the read write think website to review skills taught.
Skills were reinforced and new concepts about how to take tests were given.
Talk about the technology standards
Looked at technology standards
We looked at technology standards website and how it linked to curriculm standards.
We found great ways to link curriculum standards with technology standards.
So many videos and links.  We need to think of something specific and look towards that standard.
Found ways to incorporate tech. & curriculum standards.  Really looking closely at tech. standards.
Find a specific standard that we want to build a lesson around.



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