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Page history last edited by Jane Nesdill 9 years, 3 months ago

You will each keep a log of the technology integration coaching you do this year. Use this page as a template to create your own log. Please name it using this naming convention: Your First Name_SchoolName_log. When you have created your log page emaiI me and I will set the security on your log page so only you and I can view it. Please record all technology peer coaching on your log.



Name of Technology Peer Coach: Jane Nesdill

School: Gililland

Teacher being coached: Pat Radtke & Mary Carfagno




Learning Activity

(correlate to Curriculum Map)

Technology Integration
What Worked
What Needs to Change
Impact on Student Learning
Notes for Next Time
CFA - Reconstruction
nothing this time
Teacher Tools wouldn't hold student names, students couldn't log on to the clickers, remote for clickers would not register.
none, students were able to take assessment using paper and pencil.
make sure remote is activated before adding students to teacher tools.  check with IT to see why student names did not hold in the program. check batteries to make sure they are not dead.



review from last week, intro for Prezi
nothing at this time
Students more engaged
Look at sample Prezi presentations, view 3 minute tutorial, discuss how to use with students, discuss possible problems students might have.
General items
prezi, jeopardy labs
just reviewed and introduced
nothing we have control over
students enjoyed using prezi, they were engaged and had a new way to show what they had learned.
Using the SMART Board for teaching and checking on understanding.
Review Teacher Tools in SMART Tools
How to extract data from teacher tools
  access to information to affect students growth as they acquire knowledge
check on how Pat and Mary are doing with using Teacher Tools and the clickers for CFA data collections.
Pearl Harbor
PowerPoint presentation 
How to have the speech play while the pictures advance through the presentation.
help to keep the student's focus on the speech by providing visuals.

Continue working on presentation so audio file can be timed to work with pictures.

How to incorporate the use  of Pixie with the Social Studies curriculum.

Future lesson
Gathering pictures/ComicLife
Just reviewing how ComicLife works and gathering images for a project
Nothing at this point.  We are just gathering resources and preparing to enrich a future lesson.
Students will be more involved in their learning and understanding of their concept.
continue to gather resources for project and get the name of the URL so that the pictures can be easily shared with students.
Sites for pictures

Looking at sites that have copyright free pictures for the students to use with their project.

Went over how to cite the website for the picture.

Ideas for gathering the citations (word document) sites for images (flickr, creative commons, google images)
Time - need more time.  It is time intensive to create technology rich lessons and to be able to carry them out with students.  Frustrating when the technology doesn't work.
Students are more engaged with the content. 

Start earlier, plan more time with computers if possible.  

Let IT know so there are less technology issues.

2/10 Students used Pixie and ComicLife for Students could choose application to present their information about WWI Pixie was a surprise for Pat.  She did not expect the students to be able to create the level of slides for their presentation.  She thought that ComicLife would be the preferred choice but found it was actually quite limiting for the students. ComicLife did not provide the freedom to create the posters and slides that Pixie allowed the students, so next time maybe more guidance for ComicLife or selections for the applications students can choose from. Students enjoyed being able to choose the application for their presentation and they were more focused on the content. Ongoing.


using sound to help students understand what conditions were like.

Looping sound and video clips can give students a visual and auditory glimpse into the past to help them understand what it was like for those who lived in that time. The whole experience.  The set up of the room, the ambiance, the sound, the video, and all the little "special" effects. Nothing at this point. Students enjoyed the experience and felt like they had a better idea of what it was like for soldiers in the trenches in WWI None at this time.
3/9 Screen shots Showed Pat how to take screen shots so she could edit the yearbook with her student editors. It worked for what they were trying to do with the font.  This was the only way they could edit the font in the yearbook template and get it the way they wanted it. Nothing needs to change. The student learned a new skill.  Screen shots will be something they can use in other classes and a skill they can use for the rest of their lives. This is a skill that students might need to have refreshed periodically.
Using the Hand in/out folders
Makes it easy for students to get work and turn work in
Students could easily get their work from the folder.
Lots of server issues. Students had problems turning their work back into the the hand-in folder. 
Students enjoyed the activity and using the computer to research the information needed.  It was good that there were paper copies to use as a back up.
Let the IT department know ahead of time of the planned activity so that they can monitor the server and prevent the server from acting up. 

GarageBand for Podcast


Refresher on accessing grades from the toolkit  SMART response system and accessing the student work from the hand-in folder on the server

students will be making a podcast on economics and how it effects them.


Reviewed the basics of podcasting, how to use GarageBand, and tips for recording.

Still planning and preparing for the classes.  The lesson will start next Thursday and continue the following week 
Monitor and adjust daily as needed. 
It is hoped that students will see the real world impact that our country's economics has on their life and be able to voice it in their podcast.
More questions on Podcasting
Use of tracks, settings, voice, practice first, speak clearly and slowly, take your time, save, export.

Students will do this next week. 

Save their recordings to the desktop and then place in the hand-in folders, remove quickly.

Let IT know ahead of time to avoid any potential server issues that may arrise.
Students will be able to voice their learning of supply and demand.
Be aware of what is going on in other classrooms to avoid picking up unwanted audio on the podcast tracks. 



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