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You will each keep a log of the technology integration coaching you do this year. Use this page as a template to create your own log. Please name it using this naming convention: Your First Name_SchoolName_log. When you have created your log page emaiI me and I will set the security on your log page so only you and I can view it. Please record all technology peer coaching on your log.



Name of Technology Peer Coach:


Teacher being coached:




Learning Activity

(correlate to Curriculum Map)

Technology Integration
What Worked
What Needs to Change
Impact on Student Learning
Notes for Next Time



45 mins per grade level

word templates-business and friendly letter


grade 6, 7, & 8 language arts teachers



used for CFAs

students used  templates to create business and friendly letters

all went well

discovered a tool that was built into the software

increased engagment and student participation

post-tests - scores improved



 45 mins

in and out folders

8th grade language arts teachers

management skills

cost effective strategies

    increased organization and accountability


2 45 min. meetings

1 hour development time

6th grade language arts teachers
launch page on informational text

increased engagment

background knowledge for fictional story



 60 mins

online academic vocabulary resources


school wide

utilize online resources to implement school wide academic vocabulary strategies
    increased involvement of school wide plan to have teachers teach academic vocabulary explicitly


20 miins

Nicole Gordon/WWII project
Inspiration or Comic Life for final project

student choices given

students learned new tools

engagement and participation increased




2 hours

Staff Comic Life training     increase use of technology in the classroom for student projects  
1-25-11 Karen Kallas Smart Board integration     increased student engagement  


30 mins

Karen Kallas Document Camera, projector hook up     increase student engagement with use of technology  
1/20/11 Sam Frances-Vazquez PBL lesson    

increase student engagement

academic rigor

21st Century skills

2/28/11 Sandra Gonzales student management techniques    

increase student invovement

troubleshooting techniques

3/3/11 Sam Frances-Vazquez feedback using technology in the classroom     increase student engagement/strategies  



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