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You will each keep a log of the technology integration coaching you do this year. Use this page as a template to create your own log. Please name it using this naming convention: Your First Name_SchoolName_log. When you have created your log page emaiI me and I will set the security on your log page so only you and I can view it. Please record all technology peer coaching on your log.



Name of Technology Peer Coach:  Cindy Inman                                                                                                                             Page 2

School: Broadmor

Teacher being coached: Kristine Baglini

Grade/Subject 2nd Grade/All



Learning Activity

(correlate to Curriculum Map)

Technology Integration
What Worked
What Needs to Change
Impact on Student Learning
Notes for Next Time
Working on Brainpop for our Social Studies unit on Am. Rev.  Showed how the site works with all of the new teachers on our team.



They loved the many resources.  The testing at the end of the lesson is useful.
  They are able to implement it right away.
We are looking at more websites that they can use on their Smartboards.
We worked on creating Smartboard activities for our reading skills next week.



We had some time to look at our focus skills and locate and create activities for them. 
Time- It takes quite a bit of time to create pages.
Students will get the skills in 
We looked at some websites that helped us with our Smartboard activities.  




Taking the time to see what we could use.
Finding the time each week
Skills in a creative way
Found some great sites to help us
We are continuing to create Smartboard pages for our stories.
Smartboard notebook
We are very excited because we are implementing many skills into our pages.
We have to only keep to the allotted time because we keep running over.
Skill building of State Standards
Try to get the third quarter complete after next meeting.
Finishing the third quarter's work for a Smartboard notebook for each story and all of the skills.
Smartboard notebook
Great activities!
Our notebooks are becoming large because we are covering so many different skills.
Students will have a variety of skills taught in a variety of ways.
Want to look at websites that can be used with our curriculum.
Looked at Spelling City and how to create new lists.
Computer games to practice spelling words.
The excitement to know there are other ways to engage learners about spelling.
Only having two computers in a classroom makes it difficult to have everyone experience the website.
More websites for classroom use
We looked at a website that will take our vocabulary words and create games.



Learning how to navigate the site.
It doesn't create the games immediately.  You need to wait one day for approval.
Practice vocabulary

What to learn some about Pixie






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