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Using a Template

Page history last edited by Jan Wolfgramm 9 years, 11 months ago

You will each keep a log of the technology integration coaching you do this year. You will use the Technology Peer Coaching Logs template to create your own log.


Follow these instructions to create a log for each teacher you coach:


1. Click on Create a Page in the upper right hand corner

2. Name your page. Please name it using this naming convention: Your First Initial FirstNameand LastName_Teacher'sName_log.(jwolfgramm_miller_log)

3. Check Use a Template. Using the drop down menu select Technology Peer Coaching Logs

4. Under Put this page in a folder select Peer Coaching

5. Now go to the Peer Coaching Log Index. Add your first and last name, school, and a link to each of your logs to the table.

6. When you have created your log page emaiI me and I will set the security on your log page so only you and I can view it.

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