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Here we will learn to use the resources provided free from INTEL.


Visual Ranking Tool


Seeing Reason Tool


Showing Evidence Tool


This year you will be creating two project based lessons using the above tools. For each lesson you will create a new page where you will post your lesson.




View this video to learn how to create a page: http://pbworks.com/content/supportcenter-createpage

How do I upload a file?: http://pbworks.com/content/supportcenter-uploadimageorfile

How do I link my page with a file?: http://pbworks.com/content/supportcenter-linktofile






1.Add your name to this table. Under Link to PBL Lesson #1 add the name of your unit

2.Create a new page. Name it Intel_GradeLevel_Name of Unit (Intel_6_FairyTale)

3. Upload your file to this new page. All materials for the unit are to be uploaded( assessments, rubrics, etc)

4. On this page highlight the name of your unit in the table and link it to the page with your lesson.




Link to PBL Unit #1
Link to PBL Unit #2
Duggan, Nesdill, Walsh
Francis, Love, Paciorek
Elliott, Miles, Roehl
African American Historical Unit
Julie Walsh
Amanda Elliott
Meg Miles
 Earthquake Terror--Novel Study
Linda Paciorek

Intel8 Paul Revere

Janel Roehl
 Novel Study- The Cay
Annie Love
Cassie Francis
Jane Nesdill
  Stories in the Stars
Linda Duggan
  King Arthur, Analyzing Character




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