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Welcome to

Transforming Teaching Through Technology

This is a workspace for participants of the 21st Century Grant and teachers being trained to become a Technology Peer Coach. If you are new to wikis here are two resources for you:

PB Works Manuel


30-second training videos


This year we will be learning to transform our teaching by integrating technology. Listen to Kevin Hunicutt's video that reminds us why it is important to integrate technology into our curriculum.


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Your first assignment will be to begin creating a wiki to use with your students. Before creating your wiki learn what makes a good collaboration project and see how other PBworks customers are using their workspaces. Check out  PBworks educator community and develop ideas on how you could use a wiki with your students. Create a new page and post your ideas on possible ways to use a wiki in your classroom. We will discuss these ideas at our first meeting and then you will receive further instructions on the creation of a new wiki.

Need help creating a page? Then go to: http://pbworks.com/content/supportcenter-createpage



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21st Century Grant




Peer Coaching





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